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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘art’? Perhaps it conjures images of admiring masterpiece paintings in quiet, elegant galleries; perhaps it makes you think of getting covered in PVA glue and glitter as a child; or maybe you associate it with some good old fashioned down-time, where you can relax and let your inner creativity run loose.

Whatever your thoughts, we’ve got some great ideas as to how you can use art to get active, inspire creativity and boost your mood.


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The 64 Million Artists project is based on the belief that everyone is creative, and when we use our creativity we can make positive change in our lives and the world around us. They want everyone in the UK (all 64 million of us, in fact) to believe we can be creative.

Every year, they host the January Challenge - 31 days of creative challenges for each day of the month - a chance for anyone to join the 64 Million Artists community.

This year, they’ve enlisted the help of three inspiring creative people to help make The January Challenge bigger and better than ever: Lemn Sissay (BAFTA nominated and award winning writer, international poet, performer playwright, artist and broadcaster), Yomi Adegoke (multi-award winning journalist and co-author of the bestselling book Slay In Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible), and Jess Thom (writer, artist and co-founded Touretteshero, a creative response to her experience of living with Tourettes Syndrome).

It’s not too late to sign up! Choose your challenge – Lemn’s, Yomi’s or Jess’s – or choose The Wildcard, which is a mixture of all three adventures…

Sign up now: 64millionartists.com/our-work/the-january-challenge



Next up, Darrell Wakelam shows us how you turn everyday items from your recycling into fun, family-friendly art projects with his #ArtJumpStart collection. Not only are these activities fantastic to do with children, but there are some beautiful projects included that could tempt most adults to get involved too. From pirate ships to jungle animals, rockets and robots to 3D Van Gogh-esque sunflowers, we’re sure you’ll find something fun in this collection to get your creative juices flowing!

View and download the activity instructions here: darrellwakelam.com/downloads



Sometimes we’re all in need of a little pick me up - a little booster shot of positivity to keep us on the up when we’re facing work drama, fussing kids or looming assignment deadlines. Enter Rosie Johnson’s Positive Pot.

Rosie is a local illustrator and artist whose work is bursting at the seams with positivity, and she’s created this great little resource that you can download and print at home to make your own Positive Pot.

Every time something good happens, or you make some happy memories, make a note of it and pop it in the Positive Pot. Then, at the end of the year, crack that bad boy open and bask in all the positive vibes! Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little down, simply reach into your Positive Pot and pull out some happy memories to lift your mood any time you need.

Download your Positive Pot resources for free here: rosiejohnsonillustrates.com


Creative Rebels Podcast

If you’re looking for an exciting new podcast to listen to, look no further than Creative Rebels - inspiring interviews with creative people who have rebelled against the 9-5 (and advice on how you can too). Hosted by David Speed and Adam Brazier, co-founders of Graffiti Life and Parlour Tattoo (both very successful creative businesses), these two artists come businessmen seek out other creatives from a range of different industries to share their stories, tips and advice, and discuss how anyone can become a creative rebel. Brimming with feel-good success stories and advocacy for the arts, each episode touches on its own poignant point – such as learning to be happy, rather than perfect.

Listen to the podcast every week on Spotify:


or Apple Podcasts:


Once you notice them...

0 Steve

Steve McCracken’s art has been slowly creeping across the streets of Exeter and Sidmouth for a couple of years now, adorning doorways, underground bypasses, and boarded up shop fronts. But throughout this year, his work has taken on a whole new meaning for the passers-by that see it. It’s been a tough year for everyone, and Steve’s colourful birds and messages of hope and community have proved to be a much-needed boost to the local community.

Some of his works are hard to miss, such as the mural dedicated to the NHS on Fore Street, Exeter, while other works are tucked away in unassuming doorways, or down the side of electricity boxes. They really are everywhere though, and once you spot one, you won’t be able to stop seeing them all over the place. And we guarantee they’ll bring a smile to you face.

We are aware that lockdown has placed restrictions on our activities so this is only for those who can participate in line with Government rules.

One piece of daily exercise, like a walk is recommended so why not use the map and spot what you can along the way.

Find out more about Steve’s work: Interview with Steve McCracken www.devonlive.com

Steve Mccracken Map Steves Intructions