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Tessa Bide is one of our ARTS AWARD ARTISTS

Award-winning family theatre company Tessa Bide Productions have adapted their successful interactive caravan show, The Anarchist’s Mobile Library, into an interactive audio (English and Welsh language) and British Sign Language (BSL) adventure for children and their families to play from home.

The Anarchist’s Mobile Library exists to empower children to be masters of their own destinies, to be inspired by literature and to change the stories they see unfolding around them.

The link to get tickets is here, they're available from £5 and families can then have the link until the end of February to play and play and plaaaay.

‘The Anarchist’s Mobile Library' will take you on an incredible adventure that YOU choose, solving problems and meeting characters, from anywhere you choose to play! With many different worlds to explore, where will your adventure take you? Perhaps an intergalactic space adventure? Or a deep-sea swim, meeting creatures that lurk in the depths? Or even an abandoned witches kitchen with the cauldron bubbling away?

The game takes children through story options, creating their own path with each adventure. The project can be used on any internet device, from wherever they choose to play. Whilst it is aimed at 6-10 year olds, it is also suitable for younger children.

“It’s a fantastic, highly engaging experience which will have youngsters using their imaginations and getting involved in the action instead of staring passively at a screen.”
– The Family Stage

“Delightfully descriptive, inspiring young imaginations to build their own mental pictures…It’s very much designed so you could easily head back in a second, even a third time and still find new thrills…perfect for that young audience to delve into.”

” Everything Theatre ★★★★