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Monica-Shanta is a visual artist whose work encompasses digital film, installation, drawing and performance. She works extensively in school and community environments. She collaborated on the delivery of the programme of events relating to the work and practice of Ingrid Pollard, Turner Prize Nominee 2022.


Monica-Shanta in her own words:

My practice is a collage of materials and outcomes. I use whatever media or processes suit an idea creating digital images, objects, drawings, moving image digital film, interactive performance, and installations.

Lived, sensory and physical, experiences are usually the starting points for my work. Through an intuitive co-creative process of dialogue with life, holding myself open to engagement with questions of embodiment, I seek experiential pathways to consider states of consciousness. I engage with universal human experiences; Eating, Breathing, ‘Death’…. as portals to metaphysical and ontological questions.

As I do not belong to a culturally defined box, my practice interweaves inspiration and influence from both Western and Asian cultural traditions.

An aspect of my subject matter is visual language itself, its inherent cultural values, and the contexts upon which it depends.

My work aims to transcend culturally confined definitions of ‘self’, exploring life and the experience of living, in a synthesis of cultural languages and meanings. A thread through my work is a striving to make visible the timeless divine within the ‘ordinary’ and the humdrum of the ‘everyday’.

I share my visual art practice, as an artist and educator, across many projects in schools, galleries and community environments.


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