Beyond the Horizon

Billing: Nina Simon talks to Daniel Clark

Thu 16 Jul
08:00 – 09:00

FREE Ticketed - Zoom event
Beyond the Horizon

For our final interview in this mini-series, Nina Simon will be interviewed by Daniel Clark, Creative Director at Libraries Unlimited.

Nina Simon is a true pioneer of community engagement, trailblazing techniques that have inspired museums and community spaces around the world.

She is the Spacemaker & CEO of OF/BY/FOR ALL, a global nonprofit that creates digital tools to help civic and cultural organisations become more inclusive, relevant, and sustainable. The OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network program involves over 50 museums, libraries, parks, theaters, and nonprofit organisations, all taking bold strides to become of, by, and for their diverse communities.

In this talk Daniel and Nina will explore insights into her methodology and approach and uncover her tips for building resilient and relevant community spaces.


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