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‘Good Evening We Are From Ukraine’ - Ivybridge

Billing: Photographic Exhibition by Frankie Mills

Tue 03 Oct – Sat 14 Oct
Ivybridge Library,The Watermark, Erme Court, Leonards Road, Ivybridge PL21 0SZ Map

‘Good Evening We Are From Ukraine’ - Ivybridge

Ivybridge Library are hosting an exhibition that highlights the experiences of Ukrainian women and children now living in rural Devon.

'Good Evening We Are from Ukraine' follows a small community of Ukrainian women and children who have landed in Moorhaven, Devon, after being uprooted by Russia’s invasion.

This project is about the things that make us feel a sense of home and belonging when everything we know has been left behind. The series explores how people find their independence again when there is a shared public willingness to support strangers.

The project's title are lyrics from a song that has become a symbol of Ukraine's resistance within the country’. - Frankie Mills