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The Secret Keeper - Axminster Library

Billing: Join us at Axminster Library and welcome to the magical world of Puppetry!

Tue 13 Aug
11:00 – 16:00
Axminster Library,5 South Street, Axminster EX13 5AD Map

£2 Suitable for ages 4+
The Secret Keeper - Axminster Library

The Secret Keeper

An exploration of the possibilities of objects found in nature to create curious puppet creatures. These are animated through the magic of the hands and the power of imagination accompanied by a soundscape which embodies the power of storytelling in its most inspiring form.

Following the show, you can become a Marvellous Maker and bring your own character to life through drawing. Don't forget you can sign up for the summer reading challenge and collect a Marvelous Makers Challenge Pack at your local library!

"...A magical and captivating twenty-minute non-verbal object theatre piece in which a series of beautiful and minimally worked pieces of driftwood, twisted pieces of roots, pheasant tails, leaves and bones which become alive as mythical creatures. A dragon crosses the moon and a tiny warrior dreams of flying on it… A lovely introduction to the possibilities of object theatre" TOTAL MAGAZINE THEATRE (England)


Book your ticket via Eventbrite or get in touch with Axminster Library, by phone 01822 612218 or email them at axminster.library@librariesunlimited.org.uk