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Home. It’s where the heart is, right? For most of us, our homes are the centre of our world – that could be because they’re filled with family and loved ones, happy memories, or represent a place where we belong. There also a place where we’ll be spending a lot of time over the coming weeks, so – here’s to our homes!

Sorry, how do I pronounce that?


Hygge. Perhaps you’ve heard of it, perhaps not. Pronounced ‘hue-guh’, hygge is a Danish concept that cannot be translated to one single word but encompasses a feeling of cosy contentment and wellbeing through enjoying the simple things in life. If you've ever enjoyed reading a book indoors while is pouring with rain outside or a savoured a hot chocolate on a snow day, you've experienced hygge without even knowing it.

An essential part of everyday life in Denmark, the idea of hygge has now spread across the globe, with countless people being drawn to this way of life that values comfort and wellbeing above materialism and our usually fast-paced lifestyles.

Sound appealing? It does, doesn’t it.

If you’d like to learn how to make your way of living a little more hygge, take a look at our digital library - click here to explore hygge eBooks and eAudiobooks - Books on Hygge, or you could simply light a candle, curl up on the sofa with a cuddly blanket and a cup of tea and read a good book. Who knew living a hygge life could be so simple?

Home is more important than ever

Homeless Charities

While many of us are cursing having to stay at home for weeks on end during this new national lockdown, it’s important to remember how lucky we are to call somewhere home in the first place.

Charities such as Crisis, Shelter, St Mungo's and Centrepoint are helping rough sleepers who lack access to washing facilities and are unable to isolate, making them more vulnerable to the virus.

If you’d like to support them, there are lots of ways to help, including volunteering* and donating.

Find out more at:

· Centrepoint - www.centrepoint.org.uk

· Shelter - www.england.shelter.org.uk

· Mungos - www.mungos.org

· Crisis - www.crisis.org.uk

*Please be aware that additional guidance will likely be in place for those wishing to volunteer during lockdown.

Stay safe at home

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With all of us spending more time at home than ever, it’s never been more important to stay safe at home. So, on behalf of Devon and Somerset Fire Service, we want to remind you check your smoke alarms and keep an eye on your cooking – especially if your little home schoolers are trying their hand at some home-based Home Economics lessons!

Devon and Somerset Fire Service have a few tips and reminders for staying safe at home:

  • Statistics say you’re twice as likely to die in a fire if you don’t have a smoke alarm that works. More people die from smoke inhalation than the fire itself. Please test yours today, it could save you and your family’s life.
  • Did you know more than half the fires Devon and Somerset Fire Service attend are caused by cooking? Stay safe in the kitchen – don’t get distracted by work, children or animals.
  • Take care when charging devices as they can get hot. Always charge your device on a hard, safe surface, and never on a carpet or bed (and definitely never under a pillow).
  • Never leave your washing machine, dishwasher, or tumble dryer on when you go out – they are all a fire risk. If you’re not at home, you won’t be around to notice a fire, and to call 999.
  • Use electricals safely – take care with extension leads and adapters. A lot of people use 4-way adapters to increase the number of items plugged into a single socket, but this can risk overloading the socket. Use this handy graphic to make sure you’re keeping safe.
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For these and more tips on keeping safe at home, visit: Devon Fire Safety Service

Books brought to your door

Books On Wheels

Did you know we deliver books? That’s right! The Home Library Service in Devon and Books on Wheels in Torbay deliver books to people unable to get to the library because of health, mobility or caring responsibilities. Now, of course, due to the current national lockdown, our Home Library and Books on Wheels services have been temporarily postponed – but we’re looking forward to getting them back up and running again as soon as possible!

So, how does it work? Well, dedicated volunteers choose and deliver books straight to your home, including large print and audiobooks, free of charge. It’s that simple.

So if this is something you’d be interested in signing up for once our services are back up and running, click here to find out more: Devon Home Library Service or click here to find out more: Torbay Libraries’ Books on Wheels service


Time for a little throw back to the last time we were all stuck at home – or was it the time before that?

We know that, for many of you, it won’t be long before you’re climbing the walls. So, why not keep yourselves entertained with some of our home craft and baking activities, story time sessions or fascinating talks and Q&As?

Take a look at our Vimeo link for at home activities to browse a selection of fun, creative and inspiring videos.

Or click and watch the You Tube videos below.