Design Thinking Innovation from Denmark to Devon

Thu 14 Apr 2022

Design Thinking Innovation from Denmark to Devon

This March, Supervisors and Centre Managers from libraries across Devon welcomed the opportunity to attend a three-day training course in Design Thinking. Design Thinking is a pioneering and human-centred approach to creative problem solving with the aim of re-imagining and re-defining the concept of ‘library’ as a vibrant, cultural and creative community space.

Led by Design Thinking ambassadors from the ultra-modern and inspirational Dokk 1 – a public library and cultural centre in Aarhus, Denmark – participants left enthused and motivated to put new ideas into practice that will revolutionise our library spaces.

Our library team left lasting impressions on our visitors from Dokk 1 too:

“We are overwhelmed by so many fantastic impressions… From our point of view we saw a homogenous group of people who really cared about and gave space to each other. That is a great fundament when working with innovative and open mindsets and new culture (it’s ok to fail, spend time reflecting and “what can I obtain in 5 minutes” instead of “how long time does it take” etc.).”

Watch this space for news of new and exciting projects that will come out of the Design Thinking process!