The A-Z of Wellbeing 2022

Inspiration, Activities, Projects

January is a great time to think about our wellbeing.

No - not New Year’s resolutions that are hard to stick with and sometimes make us feel worse! Our personal wellbeing - that's about lots of little things coming together. Our work-life balance, finding time for our hobbies, friends, family and community, giving time to ourselves and time to others, sharing kindness and finding happiness in the small things.

This year once again, we will share a word day working through the alphabet – we’ll be sharing stories, activities and projects for each word. From Bakery to Knitting, Journalling tips and Walking in Devon highlights - we will be sharing videos and music, family activities, community initiatives and things to help you think about your own wellbeing during these unusual times.

So, this January, join in and see each day what we have to share with you and spread a little joy with us.

Welcome to the A-Z of Wellbeing 2022.

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Click on letter below for some creative, positive activities to try this January . . .