The Lost Librarian Tour

60 minutes, 10 books, 1 mystery... Can you solve it?
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The Lost Librarian is an experiential mechanical story adventure that takes place in our libraries. Using interactive mechanical books, groups need to work together to solve the clues to unlock the books on a 60-minute journey, uncovering a fantastical tale of the last known witches in the UK and the legacy that they have left behind.

This is for inquisitive explorers of all ages (12+ guidance, younger audiences must be accompanied by an adult). Sessions are one hour slots available in library opening hours. Tickets are available for £12 per group, with a maximum of 6 people in a group.

The Lost Librarian will be touring across libraries in Devon and Torbay. Check our Events section for upcoming dates.

Created by artist team Lizzie Johnson and Kyle Hirani, in collaboration with TaleSpinners.

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